National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Dial 211 for no cost information about critical health and human services in your community


Prevention is more than a school program or a slogan on a billboard. Nearly everyone in the community can participate somehow.

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What Does Recovery Look Like?

After completing treatment, recovery opens a new world of opportunity, but many find this must be done with the support of others. There is no one path to recovery, but we can help find what is the right path for you. 

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Where Can I find Treatment?

Through our treatment finder tools and community partners, we can work with you, your loved one or a patient to more easily navigate this process. 

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How Can I get Involved?

Community support is vital to the long-term success of those seeking treatment or are in recovery. Our network of partners has a number of ways caring individuals and organizations can make a difference. 

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Monadnock Voices For Prevention


Monadnock Voices for Prevention is a regional network working together to reduce drug, tobacco and alcohol use and misuse. Our community partners include Community and Schools Together (CAST), Be the Change Behavioral Health Taskforce, Reality Check and Monadnock Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coalition (MADAC), as well as a wide range of volunteers, government agencies, civic groups, faith leaders and health care organizations, all of which have been working for years to reduce the impact of substance misuse and build our region’s resiliency. By bringing together this diverse group of people, Monadnock Voices for Prevention aims to increase collaboration and efficiency in addressing substance misuse in our community.