Get Involved with Monadnock Voices For Prevention

Monadnock Voices for Prevention is enhanced by its valuable relationships with those who are willing to donate time and resources to this effort.


internships and volunteering

Volunteers and interns have helped Monadnock Voices for Prevention further its mission by helping at events, writing blog posts, and maintaining our office resources.

Because we are a network of organizations, we can help connect those who are interested in giving their time with other groups in the area that need it most. This is an opportunity for us to not only expand on community involvement, but also ensure that you find the right fit for your skills.

Regional Events

Organizations throughout the Monadnock Region host ongoing events to promote substance misuse prevention and provide support for those who are in recovery. These include 12-step program meetings and support groups for friends and family of those coping with substance misuse or who are in recovery. 


People seeking treatment, in recovery or working on prevention efforts are too often challenged by a lack of resources. If you would like to donate to Monadnock Voices for Prevention, your dollars will help better coordinate and increase the efficiency of substance misuse prevention, intervention,treatment, and recovery efforts now underway in our communities.