Monadnock Voices For Prevention Resources

Prevention, treatment and recovery require good tools. Monadnock Voices for Prevention has collected fact-based information and a long list of resources we hope our partners and the public in general will use to better understand the problems facing the community. 

In the News

We often hear of the impact that substance misuse, especially opioids, have on our community. As a result, New Hampshire policy makers have identified substance misuse as a serious public health issue. The Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery has identified policies that strive to make it easier for people to get treatment and begin recovery, and in 2016, the governor signed two bills that address these issues.

Government Resources

Municipal, county, state and federal agencies are working on the front lines fighting substance misuse in New Hampshire. Monadnock Voice for Prevention has formed partnerships with these government resources, including police, public health departments, school departments and other agencies. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a good source of information at the federal level on substance misuse. To learn more about efforts to combat substance misuse in New Hampshire visit the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services website.


Prevention can take many forms, whether it’s an education program, a youth event, or simply the proper disposal of medication. Monadnock Voices for Prevention has a wide range of resources available to help organizations and individuals do what they can to prevent substance misuse. For more information about state wide prevention efforts, visit
For those interested in starting or enhancing a substance misuse program in their community, we offer prevention program materials and other reading materials in our lending library. Monadnock Voices for Prevention can also connect you with ways to safely dispose of prescription opioids, painkillers and other drugs, such as the Keene Police Department Drop Box, Cheshire County Sheriff Department Drop Box, the Hinsdale Police Department Drop Box or the Peterborough Police Department Drop Box.


Understanding demographics and substance misuse statistics better informs the development of new treatment and prevention options. We have compiled a variety of local, state and national data that we hope advocates, health care providers, and the public will use to better understand the region. 



One of the greatest challenges for those seeking treatment is finding availability when they need it. The New Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Treatment Locator can help people better navigate the road to recovery. The site can locate a drug or alcohol treatment facility in New Hampshire for you, a friend, a family member or a healthcare provider.
Those looking beyond New Hampshire can use the Substance Abuse and Mental health Service Administration (SAMHSA) Behavioral Health Treatment Service Locator which provides information on alcohol and drug treatment facilities, as well as mental health treatment facilities, in the United States and U.S. Territories.
Overcoming substance misuse can be challenging, but treatment is available and recovery is possible.


The process of recovery is very personal and can include many different approaches. Our network of partners can connect people with recovery programs that will best fit their needs, whether it’s a support group, a 12-step program or other activity that promotes a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.