What Is Prevention?

Drug and alcohol misuse can be found in nearly every facet of our community. All of our partners, from law enforcement to schools, hospitals to social services, come in contact every day with the complicated issues that stem from substance misuse. That is why we support a comprehensive, community-wide approach to prevention.

Prevention begins with conversations, and Monadnock Voices for Prevention has materials available in our lending library to help people begin to have those conversations. These include training manuals, workbooks, videos/DVDs and other materials schools and other youth organizations can use to increase awareness in children and teens.

Prevention should also be something adults in the community are talking about. Understanding the signs of substance misuse and knowing how to safely dispose of prescription drugs are two simple steps toward preventing substance misuse in the community. Monadnock Voices for Prevention can help people learn more about how to enact these steps in their community.

There are wonderful websites that can help all of us start, and continue, with these conversations. The Partnership for a Drug-free NH has information on particular substances, tips for talking with our children and a campaign to combat the stigma surrounding substance misuse. Partnership for Drug-free Kids helps all of us start the conversation with our children.